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Zelda has been involved in the fitness industry since 2010, making her competitive debut at the Dis-chem Exergise awards, after going through her very own transformation, from flab to fab. And she has only gone from strength to strength since that day.

Starting her coaching career only in 2014, after seeing a need for coaches that can focus solely on the female physique,she has gone on to coach many top athletes, as well as the female that mainly just wanted to look and feel beter.

As the industry grows her business has evolved to include male athletes too,and has achieved equally outstanding results from said clients.

Zelda really enjoys focusing on clients who mainly want to make lifestyle changes, ie. improving their general health and regaining their self esteem, through educating them how to view their relationship with food in a more holistic manner.

Zelda believes in being actively involved with her clients training,diet and ever important emotional needs regarding the transformation. Which means she limits the amount of clients she takes on. Thus, you will not just be a number, every thing is custom designed for the individual,streamlined to achieve her/his goals as easily and healthily as possible.


“When I started to train with Zelda, I had just finished my first bodybuilding competition prep without a coach, and I definitely needed someone to assist me in improving my natural bodybuilding competition condition in a natural way. With so many products and gimmicks in the market, as well as varied opinions on what one needs to take to assist with trimming down, I needed someone who could truly show me that it can be done without even buying or taking a single fat burner. Zelda guided me throughout my 2017 competition season to achieving my best conditioning yet in a completely natural way.

    What I particularly liked about Zelda was that she not only reintroduced peanut butter into my life, but that the meal plans and my workouts were uniquely catered to my needs. Weekly check-ins kept me far more accountable and also allowed us to tweak the plans if needed. As an online coach, Zelda was extremely open to discussing any concerns I may have had and she was always fast to respond to any messages. Our hard work paid off with my second South African Natural Bodybuilding Union (SANBA) SA Champion title in Ladies Bodybuilding over 52kg as well as my first International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) South Africa All African Championship title in Ladies Figure – which earned me an invitation to compete at the pinnacle event of Natural Bodybuilding, the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas, USA.

    I would not want to have anyone else in my corner for the season I have planned in 2018 because I know that Zelda will push me to reach the goals I have set for myself. I would recommend Zelda to anybody within or outside of the fitness industry.”

Alma Nel


I work on a flat rate per month, but also do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s discuss your individual requirements and create a training protocol that’s right for YOU.


“Just be you, while everyone is trying to be someone else”

Zelda Delpeche


Let’s transform YOU!

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